Old Withered Lands (Split w/ Griefthorn)

by Ah Ciliz

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This album was a split album with Griefthorn (CA)


released April 4, 2014

Elmer - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Marco - Drums



all rights reserved


Ah Ciliz Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Where the Mountains Reach the Sky
When we learn that we cannot comprehend
The wonders and complexity of our nature,
We will be more enlightened than the geniuses
Of our kind

When we have understood that our minds
Will never perceive the meaning of our existence,
Then the path to our future will lead us to
Where the mountains reach the sky
Track Name: Aura of the Old-Growth
Listen as the scream echoes
Across white mountains and flows into the sea
How can the hand of man
Be the sword through the heart of the land?

Rare flowers were all around
When the silent stream came down
And red wood could touch the clouds
Before the fires came like the sun

Years of this new era
Have tamed the land
But those years will fade
Like the snow

The winds call
For the glories of old
Back when the rivers
First carved the earth

Before the third sun
There was a time
When the wind and the seas were one
When man lived in peace
Now the peace is gone and
The chaos rages like the waves in the open sea
Track Name: Ghost Years
The shifting shadows of my dreams
Tell the tale of forgotten love,
Of ghost-years and waning moons
Waning moons

A starry-night silent storm
Is the bridge to those glorious days...
The glorious days

The shadows tell the tale
Of forgotten love
And waning moons
Waning moons

Across the Silent Storm bridge…

The shadows lead me across

Eternally chained rebel souls
Braving to the gates of No-time
We see our names
Draped in green scenery where death
Is a distant memory, here etched in shadows

The shifting shadows of the dreams
Tell the tale of forgotten love
The tale of ghost-years
And waning moons
Waning…waning Moons

I have returned to our home
Where my heart and her heart still lay
In eternal embrace
I am chained to a ghost-Love
Time may not wait for rebel souls
In eternal embrace
(But our hearts will remain there, in the Glory of our Ghost Years)